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Pick-up the free tracker in-person at the Bauma Show in Munich.

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**Limited Number of Trackers Available — First come, First Served Basis**


Know where a machine is located, when it is being operated, and when it is due for maintenance. The tracker enables you to monitor your mixed fleet in real time, boost your operational efficiency, and save your business time and money.

See why thousands of companies around the world have connected 75,000+ assets to the GemOne platform.

It informed our business decisions. It just tells the truth.


The Free Consultation

Get a quick consultation in your language of choice
Get a quick consultation in your language of choice

During our chat we’ll give you a free tracker and show you how to use it with your specific fleet so you can boost your operational efficiency and save your business time and money.


We’ll have a customised discussion specific to your fleet and your business.
We’ll show you exactly how your free tracker can best be used with your particular fleet of heavy equipment, whether you work in rental or construction, and no matter the make and model of your machines.


We’ll keep it short and sweet.
We know you’re busy. We respect your time. The consultation is a 15 minute chat. Then you’re on your way. No small talk. No obligations. No sales pitches.


We’ll meet you in-person or chat online:
We’re offering in-person consultations at the Bauma trade show in Munich so we can give you free trackers in your hand, but if you can’t make it to the show, we’ll chat remotely and send a tracker to you, no matter where you are. We’ll even cover the cost of shipping.


*Limited trackers and consultations available*



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“GemOne gave us visibility over the fleet and an understanding of how our assets were being used.”


Try the tracker that saves your business time
and money, completely for free.

Know the exact location of machines, in real time: With GPS tracking, you can find each machine quickly for pick-up at the end of a use period or for maintenance, even when the machine is not in operation.

See the exact hours your machines are being used: With data collected from the CAN bus of machines, you can see the exact hours your machines are being used so you can better plan machine use.

Avoid the undesired sub-letting of machines: Track-and-trace functionalities such as location history ensure you know that your machines are not being used anywhere else without your knowledge.

Machines never “disappear”: Geofencing technology allows you to set virtual boundaries and receive immediate notifications if a machine exceeds its set limits.

Always have all the data needed to insure machines: Data provided by the tracker, especially from geofencing and location history, means you have instant evidence for insurance cover in case of theft.

Have the insights to invest (and disinvest) machines: With usage reporting, you can see which machines are used most often in which locations (and which aren’t) for optimal fleet composition.

Having accurate information for billing: With the real-time monitoring of machines, you have accurate data to communicate with customers or partners about usage so you can maximise rental incomes or maintain strong relationships.

Receiving notifications when machines need periodic maintenance: Automatic service estimation notifications and CAN data save your technicians precious time on periodic maintenance and provide them with all the information they need for a quick and accurate intervention.