4 Benefits Of Telematics Systems For Your Industrial Fleet

Telematics systems collect insights about your machinery, vehicles, and tools. Installing a telematics device on your machinery adds capabilities to your vehicles and future-proofs your business.


The benefits offered by telematics systems to your industrial fleet are many and varied, but break down into four main categories as follows:

1. Boosting operational efficiency

With a modern telematics system, you can take advantage of the operational data critical to your company’s success. Measuring is knowing, and knowing facilitates optimisation. In both the short and long-term.

Telematics systems monitor your machines and present the captured data in clear and personalised reports. Know how your fleet is being used and detect where there is room for improvement.

This benefit includes the ability to review details of how machines are being used so that you can use that information to make optimisations. Which machine is used the most? Can the composition of your fleet be improved? When you are able to detect overuse and underuse, you can intervene in time.

A major benefit of telematics for rental companies, for example, is the ability to monitor contractual terms and conditions. Rental companies will want to know whether machines are used outside of contractual agreements. In this way, they can invoice additional use or adjust the contract to meet their customer’s changing needs.

Battery monitoring systems enable you to keep an eye on the health and status of your industrial batteries. You avoid unnecessary wear of expensive batteries and have the opportunity to evaluate charging cycles.

Another major efficiency benefit is fast reporting. By using the extensive reporting options available in telematics systems, you can view valuable data in only a few clicks. It means you can give your stakeholders clear reporting with minimal effort.

2. Enhancing safety and security
2. Enhancing safety and security

Safety is a crucial factor in a healthy company.

In terms of infrastructure and in terms of people.

A robust telematics solution will minimise risks, ensure the correct use of machines, and reduce the number of incidents. Whether you use your fleet yourself or rent it out.

Telematics systems integrate specific safety checklists, monitor the status of machines, and ensure that no unauthorised operators work with your machines. Meeting safety standards is simpler than ever. Prevention is always better than a cure.

Telematics systems also help your business comply with safety standards. Work according to OSHA guidelines or other regional safety standards. Incorporate these standards and guidelines into machine-specific safety checklists. You’ll know that your employees or renters are working safely with your fleet.

Telematics means safer work for your staff in practice too. There are various telematics options for boosting machine-operator safety. Cameras provide better situational awareness. You can lock out vehicles after impact detection to your set parameters. It empowers you to make your work spaces safer.

Working safely starts with the correct use of the machine. With impact reporting, you can detect careless or inattentive driving behaviour. This enables you to intervene quickly, whether an incident occurs on your own site, on the road, or at a renter’s location. It also helps track inefficient machine usage or overuse of a machine.

A major safety benefit of telematics is getting an overview of users. See who is operating a machine at any time. Choose access control features to ensure the right people are working on your fleet. Track users in real time and prevent unauthorised work with your machine. Manage driver’s licences to coordinate machine access.

3. Empowering track and trace

Telematics lets you know exactly where your machines are located at any moment. Whether they’re inside your building, on your site, or on the move. The robust trackers fitted in your machines communicate constantly with an online cloud platform.

This enables you to save valuable time and money by knowing the location of your machines. In day-to-day operations, but also in the event of incidents. You can track your fleet in real time and store the data so you can use it for reporting or business decisions. For European businesses, it’s important your telematics solution is GDPR guidelines compliant.

The benefits of track and trace manifest in a variety of ways. Find a machine quickly for pickup at the end of a rental period or for maintenance. Google Maps finds the route for you, accurate to a few metres.

Additionally, track and trace functionalities help protect against theft or subletting. Set geofences as virtual boundaries for the area in which your machines can operate. Get a notification immediately if a machine exceeds these limits. Even machines not in operation are protected with the tracker’s internal battery.

Track and trace also helps you to optimise your work environment. Find points of improvement within your warehouse, yard, or site. With impact detection, your telematics system tells you where most accidents occur. Focus on these zones and reduce the number of incidents.

4. Streamlining service and maintenance

The right telematics solution can help you keep your fleet in top condition.

It prevents downtime of machines and increases efficiency within your company. It allows you to monitor each machine with a system that automatically maps that data. Prolong the life of your machines and save your business time and money.

Telematics systems ensure you schedule timely machine maintenance and follow up on issues fast. It enables you to prevent sudden failures and the problems they cause. Because of this, your machines will enjoy a long service life.

Service and maintenance features include notifications of errors on machines. With timely problem detection, you can quickly repair and prevent long-term damage.

Telematics facilitates technical interventions. You can even give technicians remote access to machine error codes. You can get a quick diagnosis and see exactly what materials are needed for the repair. Cut unnecessary travel, saving time and money.

Telematics systems equip your technicians with the information and manuals they need to properly maintain your machines. Enable them to perform a repair quickly and accurately, whether your fleet is diverse or not.

This helps you maximise uptime across your fleet. Get a notification when a machine’s maintenance is due. Schedule periodic maintenance work in time so your fleet remains in optimal condition.

If you’d like to find out more about how telematics systems can make your industrial fleet safer and more efficient, don’t hesitate to get in touch with GemOne

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