Webinar: Creating A Safer and More Efficient Warehouse

Date: Thursday 2 December 2021

Time: ­­­3pm CET (2pm GMT)

Duration: 1 Hour

Free webinar for Safety and Warehouse Managers, Dealerships, Material Handlers

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Creating A Safer and More Efficient Warehouse
Creating A Safer and More Efficient Warehouse

It’s an exciting but challenging time for material handlers and equipment dealerships in Europe. In particular, decisions about which new technologies to introduce on forklifts are set to have a huge impact on the safety and efficiency of businesses in 2022 and beyond.

In this webinar, global smart telematics provider GemOne introduces its Sapphire v3 safety management solution and offers insights into the technology which can empower businesses to make their warehouses safer and more efficient.

Discover the latest technologies
Discover the latest technologies

The technologies discussed include access control via PIN code or RFID, safety checklists with customised questions, licence management and training verification, and automatic collision lock-out. There will also be insights on proximity warning solutions for forklifts and battery monitoring systems on a range of equipment, both of which will be a part of the Sapphire v3 release.

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Things you’ll learn
Things you’ll learn
  • How warehousing and distribution companies are deploying telematics systems to make their businesses safer and more efficient.

  • How 360° proximity warning systems equip material handling businesses with the alerts and actionable insights needed to reduce forklift incidents in the workplace.

  • Insights on battery monitoring systems which help drive businesses forward by avoiding unnecessary wear, maximising charge cycles, and prolonging battery lifespan.


Patrick Smets
CEO, GemOne

Patrick Smets is GemOne’s CEO, a seasoned and successful leader with a track record of building out new and innovative digital solutions within B2B industry 4.0 spaces such as IoT, software, telecom, insurance, and banking. 
Sander Loosveld
Chief Product Officer, GemOne

Sander Loosveld is GemOne’s Chief Product Officer, an experienced product manager with a passion for technology and a proven track record in successfully delivering digital transformation projects.