Smart telematics to boost your industrial fleet efficiency

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Gather data from a single machine to a whole fleet


Our story
Our story

We took our first steps in telematics 10 years ago in Australia, where an interdisciplinary team developed a powerful system to monitor vehicles remotely. GEM One quickly grew into one of the market leaders, and in 2014, the success story also gained an American chapter. Today, we have global coverage, operating from 3 headquarters, in America, Europe and Asia, and together with a strong local dealer network, we elevate industrial fleets to a higher level in every region.

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Premium product for material handling

Makes your warehouses safer and more efficient. Sapphire communicates with your machines, and listens to them.

Boost your warehouse with Sapphire

Proactive partner for your fleet

GEM One has developed two complete systems in Onyx and Sapphire. We also offer hundreds of different telematic solutions. Our fully customizable software lets you choose from a broad range of machine-specific accessories. That means practical results for:

  • Track & trace

    Know where your vehicles are at any moment.

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Read our white paper on warehouse safety.

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