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One solution for all your needs
One solution for all your needs

Our modern telematics systems empower you to track your vehicles, boost efficiency, operate more safely, and avoid unexpected downtime.

Whether you’re in material handling or mixed fleet management.

Whether you’re a rental company, a dealership, or an end user.

We can connect any make or model of machine on one single platform, maximising what you can do with an individual vehicle or a fleet of thousands.

And through that one single platform we offer you valuable business data, great user experience, continuous support, and worry free scalability.

Your machines have a voice. If you know how to listen, you can empower them to do more. GemOne exists to help you unleash the power of your fleet.

Your Complete *Free* Guide To Off-Road Telematics

What is telematics? What are its benefits? How do you choose what’s best for your fleet?

Grab our FREE guide to off-road telematics to discover why owners and managers of industrial fleets are adopting telematics in large numbers.

Learn about the potential impact of this new technology on your construction, equipment rental, or material handling business. 

📚 Comprehensive: 33 pages of original, valuable content, downloadable right now. Everything you need to know about off-road telematics in one place.

📅 Up-to-date: Produced in 2022 by a global provider of smart telematics solutions.

🔥 Authoritative: Learnings from more than a decade of experience implementing telematics on tens of thousands of industrial machines around the world.

We’ve got years of experience in industrial fleet management and telematics. We know machines and we know business. Through this expertise, we’ve established 4 pillars at the foundation of everything we do:

  • Track & trace

    Know where your vehicles are at any moment.

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  • Operational efficiency

    Measure the use and efficiency of your fleet.

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  • Security & safety

    See who is using your machines and whether they’re using them safely.

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  • Service & maintenance

    Avoid unexpected costs and downtime.

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Safety management for material handling
Safety management for material handling

Sapphire is a safety management solution for the material handling industry, designed for both dealers and the end users of machines. It’s the next generation of telematics for the industrial machinery park, a complete ecosystem that makes your warehouse safer and more efficient. 


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Fleet management for your mixed fleet
Fleet management for your mixed fleet

Onyx is a fleet management solution for mixed industrial fleets which accommodates all makes and models of machines and integrates different types of trackers, whether they’re from GemOne or from other suppliers. Onyx monitors your mixed fleet in real time. Know where a machine is located, when it is being operated, and when it is due for maintenance.


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We exist to unleash the potential of your industrial fleet

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