Onyx: fleet management for your mixed fleet

Onyx is a fleet management solution for mixed industrial fleets which accommodates all makes and models of machines and integrates different types of trackers, whether they’re from GemOne or from other suppliers. Onyx monitors your mixed fleet in real time. Know where a machine is located, when it is being operated, and when it is due for maintenance.

Onyx: Monitor your fleet in real time

Fleet management for your mixed fleet


📍 Know where a machine is located.

🏗️ Known when it is being operated.

🔧 Know when it is due for maintenance.


🌏 100,000+ connected assets worldwide 🌏

Functional jack of all trades
Functional jack of all trades

Monitor your mixed fleet anytime from your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. See exactly where your machines are and what they are doing, regardless of the make or model. Convert real-time data into clear statistics which help you boost productivity. Whether you rent out your fleet or use your machines yourself, Onyx equips you with must-have insights in a snap. 

Monitor your fleet in real time

Automation without worries
Automation without worries

Onyx helps you simplify processes. The innovative system connects seamlessly with each of your ERP, your rental planning software, and your other business tools. Enjoy noticeable improvement in your daily operations.

Robust hardware
Robust hardware

Our telematic hardware stands up to industrial demands. With GemOne, you choose quality, for every make or model of vehicle you use. The Onyx hardware is built to be robust. It’s IP67-certified. And it’s dust- and water-resistant.

Choose your accessories
Choose your accessories

The Onyx team of experts at GemOne are on hand to help you fine-tune your telematics to meet your specific needs. Add functionalities such as access control. Simplify installation with machine specific connectors. Unleash the potential of your fleet.

  • Equip your vehicles with a keypad.
  • Take advantage of the included RFID reader.
  • Simplify installation with our connectors.


We’re proud to have empowered businesses like yours.

Our customers significantly boost their efficiency.

See what others say about our fleet management solution.

Onyx Solutions

  • Track & trace

    Featuring GPS, location history, and geofencing.

    Read more
  • Operational efficiency

    Boost productivity with usage reporting and machine use statistics, comprehensive alerting options, and user, fleet, and device management systems.

    Read more
  • Security & safety

    Work more safely with features such as access control, driver behaviour monitoring, and mobile safety checklists.

    Read more
  • Service & maintenance

    Including service management, battery monitoring systems, fuel and battery level alerts, and CAN-error readings.

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Gather data from a single machine to a whole fleet

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Read more about our products


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