Service & maintenance

Keep your fleet in top condition to prevent downtime and increase efficiency within your company. Monitor each machine easily with a system that automatically maps all that data. Like GEM One’s solutions.

Timely maintenance and quick follow-up with issues – two important conditions for the long service life of your machines. Prevent sudden failures and the problems they cause.

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Proactively solve problems
Proactively solve problems

Automatically get a notification if an error occurs in one of your machines. Thanks to timely problem detection, quick repair of a machine can prevent damage.

Efficient technical interventions
Efficient technical interventions

Give technicians remote access to machine error codes. Get a quick diagnosis and see exactly what materials are required for the repair. Eliminate unnecessary travel, saving time and money.

All information at hand
All information at hand

Give your technicians all the information and manuals needed to properly maintain your machines. Or to perform a repair quickly and accurately. Also, and especially, if your fleet is diverse.

Maximize uptime
Maximize uptime

Get a notification when a machine’s maintenance is due. Schedule periodic maintenance work in time, so your fleet remains in optimal condition. Maximize the uptime of your machines.

Proactive partner for your fleet

GEM One has developed two complete systems in Onyx and Sapphire. We also offer hundreds of different telematic solutions. Our fully customizable software lets you choose from a broad range of machine-specific accessories. That means practical results for:

  • Track & trace

    Know where your vehicles are at any moment.

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  • Operational efficiency

    Measure the usage and efficiency of your fleet.

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  • Security & safety

    See who is using your machines and whether this is being done safely.

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Makes your warehouses safer and more efficient. Sapphire communicates with your machines, and listens to them.

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Onyx monitors your mixed fleet in real time, providing practical benefits from localization to access control.

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