GemOne’s Eventful Spring 2024: A Round-up of Trade Events

2024 has been off to a great start for GemOne, particularly in connecting with industry professionals and introducing telematics technologies in fleet management. Here’s a closer look at the exciting events GemOne attended in March, April, and May.


Modex – Atlanta, Georgia, USA (March 11 – 14)
Modex – Atlanta, Georgia, USA (March 11 – 14)

GemOne kicked off its spring event calendar at Modex in Atlanta, USA, collaborating with TVH to bring its fleet management solutions to the forefront. GemOne’s US team, headed by Samuel Silva, leveraged the event as a platform to connect with industry peers, explore the latest technologies, and gather insights to enhance operations.

This was an important event and our team was part of a record number of people in attendance; the show attracted close to 50,000 registered manufacturing and supply chain professionals and had 1164 exhibitors showcasing the latest supply chain technology.


LogiMat – Stuttgart, Germany (March 19 – 21)
LogiMat – Stuttgart, Germany (March 19 – 21)

GemOne continued its journey by attending LogiMat in Stuttgart, Germany, alongside TVH Parts. GemOne presented its fleet management expertise to  a varied gathering of intralogistics professionals,with our solution Sapphire. Matthias Maes, Sander Loosveld and Filomeen Chabot were in attendance for GemOne andthe event provided an excellent opportunity for networking and industry collaborations as more than 1500 exhibitors from around the world attended.


DLR Congress – Reims, France (March 28 – 29)
DLR Congress – Reims, France (March 28 – 29)

GemOne further committed to industry collaboration at the DLR Congress in Reims, France. Engaging with stakeholders in the distribution, rental, maintenance, and service sectors for construction and handling equipment, GemOne underscored its dedication to quality, service, and advancing industry standards.

GemOne’s Franck Castan and TVH colleagues Frederic Collet, David Le Garff and Arnaud Delafosse were on hand to answer industry questions and queries.

DLR Congress


Intermat – Paris, France
(April 24 – 27)
Intermat – Paris, France
(April 24 – 27)

In April, some of our European team, including Franck Castan, Sander Loosveld and Filomeen Chabot, visited the Intermat show in Paris, France.


AECE Convention – Seville, Spain (April 25 – 26)
AECE Convention – Seville, Spain (April 25 – 26)

We also contributed to discussions about sustainable construction technologies at the  AECE convention in Seville, Spain, promoting safer and more efficient workplaces for forklift operators.

Alongside TVH Parts, GemOne demonstrated how its solutions boost forklift safety and efficiency.

AECE Convention



Health and Safety Exhibition – Birmingham, UK (April 30 – May 2)

GemOne rounded off its spring event calendar with a presence at the Health and Safety Exhibition in Birmingham, UK. GemOne team members Andrea Carozzo and Gavin Cadey were on hand to answer any questions with industry professionals about creating safer work environments with telematics.

Health and Safety Exhibition


Smart telematics for industrial fleets

At these events, GemOne presented its Sapphire Fleet Management Solution, designed to improve safety, efficiency, and compliance in material handling operations.

Sapphire empowers equipment dealerships to level up their customer service offering, minimise machine downtime, and enhance fleet management efficiency.

Sapphire helps material handling fleets streamline their regulatory management, enhance their warehouse safety, and boost their fleet efficiency with actionable insights. 

With automated safety checks to utilisation reporting, Sapphire provides comprehensive fleet management solutions tailored to industry needs.

To learn more, download the Sapphire brochure for free now.


GemOne’s participation in these events underscores our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and driving positive change within the industry.

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