Exceptional minds deserve an exceptional workplace

Join GEM One, a rapidly growing, global company where great minds come together to push the boundaries of innovation. Here fun and challenges go hand in hand. Here we build on each other to build a brighter future.

Our vision
Our vision

GEM One drives change – in people and industry

Our mission

Provide global telematics solutions to help companies maximize the efficiency of machines of any make & model, using advanced digital technologies.

Our values

  • Innovation

    We think it!
    We think outside the box and continuously search for the next big thing. The endless strive for innovation runs through our veins. Even Da Vinci would be impressed.

  • Learning

    We know it!
    (And if we don’t, we will! :-)) We are all eager to grow & learn and never stop doing so; it’s key to who we are. Whether it’s self-development or coaching colleagues; we rise to the next level.

  • Integrity

    We say it!
    We value honesty and sincerity. Encouraging a safe environment based on mutual trust and respect, we stimulate each other to speak up as all opinions are valued.

  • Excellence

    We do it!
    We raise the bar to provide the best customer experience ever. Continuously striving for excellence, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do.

  • Passion

    We love it!
    We are passionate about what we do. We love challenges, never give up and celebrate successes, however big or small.

  • Collegiality

    We are one!
    We work as one. We embrace agile ways of working across different functions. Together we are strong, together we are simply better.

I learn something every day

What gives me energy and helps me thrive working at GEM One is professionalism and growth, openness and communication. I learn something every day and I’m able to discuss new findings with others.

Rajdeep Gurmeet

Feedback from colleagues helps me to be the best person I can be

Some of the benefits I discovered while working here, is being exposed to a lot of different technology stacks and realizing that I’m interested in a lot more than I thought I did before. Everyone is on the same level! Good ideas will always be listened to… I also discovered some areas where I can still greatly improve and getting feedback from colleagues helps me to be the best person I can be, in and outside of work.

Victor Devos - Software Engineer, Belgium

The variety of technologies you get to work with

What I love most about working for GEM One is the variety of technologies you get to work on; ranging from low-level firmware testing and live demos on an actual machine; to deploying services on a K8s (Kubernetes) cluster. The benefits of working here, are the amount of freedom and responsibility you get; from choosing the right technology for the right job, proposing latest and greatest R&D hardware solutions to close collaboration and info sharing across teams.

Jeroen Meulemeester - R&D IoT Engineer Lead, Belgium

I enjoy being in the forefront of innovation 

To me, GEM One embodies innovation, advancement and community. I enjoy being in the forefront of innovation and GEM One is exactly that for me; the only constant is change for the better. The community makes GEM One operate in a closely knitted manner which also encourages employees to give their best for each other. I am able to work with people from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds. GEM One is always innovating and finding better ways to improve, whilst keeping customers in mind in everything that we do. GEM One can be said to have both the hardware as well as the ‘Hearthware’ necessary to bring solutions to all customers.

Neve Lim - Business Development Manager, Singapore

The possibility to grow in what I’m passionate about

GEM One is a young, dynamic company with an innovative spirit. Our team is motivated and driven which pushes everyone to perform their best and appreciate the efforts of each another. This makes it a really fun environment to work in. What makes me thrives is that GEM One gives me the possibility to grow in what I’m passionate about. They really listen to your preferences and try to make them fit into the work environment. Initiatives and new ideas are much appreciated and are always taken into account for improvement. Simply said, in GEM One, each individual makes a difference and is seen as an added value.

Filomeen Chabot - Customer Care Coordinator, Belgium

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