Sapphire: maximum safety for material handlers

Sapphire provides the next generation of telematics for material handling, tailored to companies with an industrial machinery park. Sapphire offers unprecedented flexibility on a robust, mobile platform to capitalize on the data and reporting.

Safety first
Safety first

Sapphire puts safety first. Help your business comply with OSHA requirements or other country-specific guidelines. Sapphire brings you:

  • a safety checklist with customized questions per machine, in varying order
  • license management and verification of training requirements
  • access control via PIN code or RFID
  • automatic collision lock-out
Real-time messaging and reporting
Real-time messaging and reporting

Know what is happening with your fleet at all times, enabling you to respond in a heartbeat. Want collision alerts? Want to send messages to operators? Or utilize machine-downtime and fleet-performance data immediately to increase efficiency on the work floor? That is the power of Sapphire.

Increase the safety and productivity within your warehouse

Know what is happening with your fleet at all times, enabling you to respond in a heartbeat.

Simple installation and use
Simple installation and use

Sapphire V2 hardware utilizes Android technology, so your employees easily operate the 7” colour touchscreen. WiFi and 4G are available communications options. Choose what suits you. Thanks to the corresponding connectors, installation is a breeze.

Sapphire solutions

  • Track & trace

    GPS location, indoor positioning

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  • Operational efficiency

    Usage reports, operator messaging, user management, alarms, reporting, fleet usage information

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  • Security & safety

    Impact alerts and lock out in case of collisions, driver behavior analysis, access control, cameras, strobes and buzzers, overload detection, speed limiters, impact avoidance, license management, on-screen safety checklist.

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  • Service & maintenance

    Service management, battery monitoring system, fuel level, error codes.

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Choose your accessories
Choose your accessories

We offer a broad selection of accessories to fit each customer. Your telematics system is tailored to your wishes. Battery monitors help monitor and maintain batteries; cameras help avoid accidental damage; a strobe light prevents further damage after a collision… A myriad of options tailors Sapphire to your operations. These additions save you time and money.


  1. Use connectors for quick installation.
  2. Choose strobes and buzzers to clearly indicate incidents.
  3. Monitor fork load weight utilizing the hydraulic scale.
  4. Avoid unplanned maintenance and downtime due to poor battery management thanks to the battery monitoring system.
  5. Add cameras to help avoid collisions.


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