Sapphire: safety management for material handlers

Sapphire is a safety management solution for the material handling industry, designed for both dealers and the end users of machines. It’s the next generation of telematics for the industrial machinery park, a complete ecosystem that makes your warehouse safer and more efficient. 

Make your warehouses safer and more efficient with Sapphire

Sapphire is a fleet and safety management solution based on state-of-the-art telematics technology.

👉 See all your fleet and operator data in a single online platform, in real time, on any device
👉 Suitable for equipment dealers or the owners of machines
👉 Works on any make or model of machine, regardless of brand

*More than 100,000 connected assets worldwide*

Safety first
Safety first

Sapphire puts safety first. Help your business comply with OSHA requirements or other country-specific safety guidelines.

Sapphire brings you:

  • a safety checklist with customised questions per machine, in varying order;
  • licence management and verification of training requirements;
  • access control via PIN code or RFID; and
  • automatic collision lock-out.
Real-time messaging and reporting
Real-time messaging and reporting

Know what is happening with your fleet at all times so you can respond in a heartbeat. Want collision alerts? Want to send messages to operators? Want to utilise fleet-performance data in real time to increase efficiency on the work floor? That is the power of Sapphire.

Receive our free checklist

Free Checklist:
“10 Ways To Check The Safety And Efficiency Of Your Material Handling Fleet”

What are the 10 ways you can use technology to save time and money in your material handling, logistics, or equipment dealership business? 

👉 Get a free pdf checklist to audit your material handling business.

👉 Measure the safety and efficiency of your industrial machinery.

👉 Learn about the new technologies that will make your warehouse safer.

Increase safety and productivity within your warehouse

Simple installation and use
Simple installation and use

Sapphire hardware utilises Android technology, so your employees can easily operate the 7” colour touchscreen. Choose the communications option that suits you, whether that’s WiFi or 4G. Thanks to the corresponding connectors, installation is a breeze.

Know what is happening with your fleet at all times so you can respond in a heartbeat

Sapphire solutions

  • Track & trace

    Know where your vehicles are at any moment.

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  • Operational efficiency

    Boost productivity with operator messaging, user management, alarms, and comprehensive reporting on fleet usage.

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  • Security & safety

    Get impact alerts and lock out vehicles in case of collisions. Work more safely with features such as driver behaviour analysis, access control, cameras, strobes and buzzers, overload detection, speed limiters, license management, and on-screen safety checklists.

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  • Service & maintenance

    Including service management, battery monitoring systems, fuel level alerts, and error codes.

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Choose your accessories
Choose your accessories

We offer a broad selection of accessories to each customer so your telematics system is tailored to your wishes. Need monitors to avoid dead batteries? Want cameras to help avoid accidental damage? Looking for a strobe light to prevent further damage after a collision? Save time and money with Sapphire’s impressive range of options.

  • Use connectors for quick installation.
  • Choose strobes and buzzers to clearly indicate incidents.
  • Permanently monitor weight with matching scales.
  • Prolong the lifespan of batteries and maximise their charge cycles with the advanced battery monitor.
  • Add cameras to help avoid collisions.
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