Battery Monitoring Solution

The batteries that power your industrial fleet drive your business forward. Avoid their unnecessary wear. Maximise their charge cycles. Prolong their lifespan. Our battery monitoring solution unleashes the potential of your battery-powered fleet.

Unleash the potential of your battery-powered fleet

For a more efficient battery-powered fleet
For a more efficient battery-powered fleet

Batteries are integral to your business. But you know how challenging they can be to manage. They’re hard to replace. They’re expensive. They’re difficult to monitor.

Our battery monitoring system integrates seamlessly with GemOne’s telematics or works as a standalone solution so you can monitor the health and status of your batteries and boost your fleet efficiency.

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Install our solution easily

An easy to set up system which allows you to monitor all your batteries on one single platform.

Get real time information

Get reports and warnings on all relevant battery parameters, including voltage, current, temperature, internal resistance, state of charge, and state of health.

Lower your operational costs

Monitoring battery conditions, fillings, improper use, and service intervals allows you to significantly lower the costs of your operations.