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Advance your digital story and automate your fleet. Our multidisciplinary team connects your vehicles to the GemOne system, so you can get started quickly.

Company-specific approach from A to Z

We translate best practices and proven methods into an ideal solution for you, no matter your existing infrastructure. Our 50 years of experience in industrial equipment, 20 years experience in digitisation, and 10 years experience in telematics ensure we can offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

GemOne simplifies the installation and use of your telematics. We connect to all makes and models of machines. We easily interface with existing hardware and software. We train your end users as part of the onboarding programme. And we process your data quickly and securely in the Cloud. All so you can keep your full focus on your business.

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Everyone’s fleet management needs and expectations are different. Whether you choose Onyx or Sapphire, you get a system customised for your company. Tailor the form and content of your reports with a few clicks, or easily set the parameters for warnings you’d like to receive. 


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Integration and aggregation of existing telematics
Integration and aggregation of existing telematics

GemOne works independently of vehicle manufacturers. This means that we can easily connect to all the makes and models in your fleet and even to existing telematics trackers from other providers. Connect to our platform without extra hardware or additional costs. 

Through proactive collaboration with you, we translate logistical and digital challenges into ready-made solutions. Combine different telematics systems that use different portals. Seamlessly integrate our future-proof solution into your machines with pre-installed systems. 


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Automate and integrate with your existing company systems

Simplifying your systems
Simplifying your systems

Integrate the benefits of GemOne into your workflow to boost your fleet efficiency. Link your rental software or ERP to an automatic notification so you can set up periodic maintenance.

Our experienced team is ready to collaborate with you on integration with your existing company systems. Do you have a motivated IT team, or would you like to expand your integrated platform yourself? We help you get on the right track. And we remain available for advice and support throughout the integration.


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Gather data from a single machine to a whole fleet

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Safety management for material handling

Make your warehouses safer and more efficient. Sapphire lets you listen to your machines and helps you empower them to do more.

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Fleet management for mixed fleets

Onyx monitors your mixed fleet in real time. Know where a machine is located, when it is being operated, and when it is due for maintenance.

Optimize your workflow with Onyx