Proximity Warning Solution

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Forklifts are vital to your business, but they introduce risk to the workplace. Our 360° proximity warning system equips you with the alerts and actionable insights you need to reduce forklift incidents and make your workplace environment safer.

360° proximity warning system

Reduce forklift incidents and make your workplace safer

Many workplace accidents involve a forklift.

Because of this, warehouse insurance policies increase year on year. Absenteeism due to incidents has become a major issue. The costs to both human life and to businesses can be significant.

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How it works
How it works

The alerts

Receive immediate feedback when a proximity perimeter is breached through alerts in a variety of formats: audible, vibrations, and bright LED light.

The tech

Forklifts are equipped with a “beacon” and workers with a “wearable”. These devices communicate with each other using ultra-wideband technology.

The insights

Gather actionable insights through our online platform to improve overall safety and reduce incidents in the warehouse.


  • For every forklift

    Our solution works on every forklift, no matter the type or brand, both in your warehouse and outside.

  • Easy installation

    It requires no existing infrastructure and is designed to integrate into your current or future GemOne telematics system.

  • No blind spots

    With our 360° proximity detection, you’ll receive alerts no matter where you are located around the forklift.

  • Totally configurable

    Customise the alert sounds, light warnings, and detection range in line with your own safety policies.

  • Online Platform

    See reports on an online cloud platform so you can gather insights in real time.