GemOne attends Plantworx and JDL 2023: Fleet Management Showcases in Europe

June was an eventful month for GemOne as the company showcased its cutting-edge fleet management solutions at two prestigious trade shows: Plantworx 2023 in the United Kingdom and JDL 2023 in France. Both events provided an excellent platform for GemOne to demonstrate our fleet management solutions.

Plantworx 2023, held from 13th to 15th June at the East of England Arena in Peterborough, welcomed over 300 exhibitors, including 100 new participants. Plantworx 2023 offered a diverse range of state-of-the-art machinery and innovative products.

One of the highlights of Plantworx 2023 was the announcement of the 600,000th machine protected by the Construction Equipment Association’s (CEA) CESAR Scheme, a leading anti-theft solution for machinery.

GemOne congratulates MANITOU, the manufacturer of this milestone machine, and recognizes the value of CESAR in reducing theft and enhancing security in the industry.


Shortly after Plantworx 2023, GemOne headed to JDL 2023, held in Beune, France.

This event brought together key players in the construction industry, providing GemOne with an international platform to showcase state of the art telematics solutions. 

GemOne’s participation in JDL 2023 highlighted the company’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of the construction industry.

Both Plantworx and JDL were successful trade shows for GemOne, allowing the company to engage with industry professionals, showcase fleet management solutions, and establish valuable connections. 

GemOne looks forward to building on this momentum and continuing to provide cutting-edge technology that transforms fleet operations and drives success in the warehouse and construction industries.

If you weren’t able to make either of these events but are keen to learn more about our fleet management tools – download our free brochure here.

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