Free Checklist:
“10 Ways To Check The Safety And Efficiency Of Your UK Material Handling Fleet”

What are the 10 ways you can use technology to save time and money in your material handling, logistics, or equipment dealership business? 

👉 Get a free pdf checklist to audit your material handling business in the UK.

👉 Measure the safety and efficiency of your industrial machinery.

👉 Learn about the new technologies that will make your warehouse safer.

📢 Discover the 10 ways that managers of forklift fleets are increasing workplace safety and efficiency in 2023. 🔥


Want a safer, more efficient warehouse?

With more than 50 years of experience with heavy machinery and more than 10 years specialisation in telematics technology, we know the headaches you suffer in fleet management.

  • Want to better keep
    track of operations?
  • Are you tired of
    endless paperwork?
  • Do you want to reduce
    workplace incidents?
Ever said any of the following?
  • ‘’I wish I knew for how long my machines were operating.’’
  • ‘’I never know who is operating each machine.’’
  • ‘’If only I could create a safer warehouse.’’


If so, then this checklist is for you.


About GemOne
About GemOne

Our modern telematics systems empower you to track your vehicles, boost efficiency, operate more safely, and avoid unexpected downtime.

Sapphire is the next generation of telematics for the industrial machinery park, designed for both dealers and the end users of machines.

This solution for material handling accommodates all makes and models of machines. It’s a complete ecosystem that makes your warehouse safer and more efficient.