Know about smart telematics so you can unleash the power of your fleet

Receive free resources and insights about how telematics is changing the industries of material handling, construction, rental, and mixed fleet management.

Stop holding your machines back
Stop holding your machines back

As a daughter company of TVH Parts, we know the challenges you face in managing a fleet of industrial machines. 

Where exactly are different parts of your fleet in real time? Why is it that some machines sit idle, while others seem constantly over-used? Who is operating your machines and how can you improve their safety? 

We understand these headaches because our team at GemOne has seen them all. It’s why we developed our modern telematics systems. So we can help businesses like yours.

Telematics is the technology used to monitor a wide range of data and information about your machinery, vehicles, and tools. It’s about making your machines smart.

With industry know-how about telematics systems, you’ll be able to choose the latest technology to future-proof your business. 

We provide that industry know-how in a free telematics newsletter, ensuring you have all the information you need to make decisions that will unleash the potential of your industrial fleet.

One solution for all your needs
One solution for all your needs

Our modern telematics systems empower you to track your vehicles, boost efficiency, operate more safely, and avoid unexpected downtime. Whether you’re in material handling or mixed fleet management. Whether you’re a rental company, a dealership, or an end user.

We can connect any make or model of machine on one single platform, maximising what you can do with an individual vehicle or a fleet of thousands. And through that one single platform we offer you valuable business data, great user experience, continuous support, and worry free scalability. 

Your machines have a voice. If you know how to listen, you can empower them to do more.


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Gather data from a single machine to a whole fleet

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Safety management for material handling

Sapphire is a safety management solution for the material handling industry, designed for both dealers and the end users of machines. It’s the next generation of telematics for the industrial machinery park, a complete ecosystem that makes your warehouse safer and more efficient. 

Boost your warehouse with Sapphire
Fleet management for your mixed fleet

Onyx is a fleet management solution for mixed industrial fleets which accommodates all makes and models of machines and integrates different types of trackers, whether they’re from GemOne or from other suppliers. Onyx monitors your mixed fleet in real time. Know where a machine is located, when it is being operated, and when it is due for maintenance.

Optimize your workflow with Onyx
We are GemOne
We are GemOne

We’ve got 50 years of experience with industrial equipment, 20 years of expertise in digitization, and 10 years of specialization in telematics.

We combine telecommunications with computer science to deliver a unique system that meets your company’s needs today and responds to the challenges your business will face tomorrow. 

With GemOne, we are able to combine all our telematic systems, allowing us to manage our full fleet effectively and efficiently on one single, dynamic platform.


We serve a range of customers in the Americas, in Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and in Asia Pacific from our 3 global headquarters, helping elevate industrial fleets to a higher level around the world.