Licence Management For Safety Compliant Warehouses

Why License Management Matters

License Management is a powerful tool that streamlines the tracking and management of operator certifications. 

It ensures that each individual entrusted with the operation of machinery adheres to the required inspections, training, and licensing prerequisites. Not only does it mitigate operational risks, but it nurtures a culture of regulatory compliance.

Licence Management is a feature of GemOne’s Sapphire safety management solution. You can download the Sapphire brochure here.

Real-time Peace of Mind

The licence management feature keeps a vigilant eye on operator licences and OSHA training expiration dates. 

When an operator’s certification lapses, it acts as an instant fail-safe mechanism, locking out access to equipment for that operator.

Say Goodbye to Unlicensed Equipment Use
Say Goodbye to Unlicensed Equipment Use

Licence Management eliminates unlicensed machine operation, ensuring you avoid issues with safety and regulatory compliance. 

It ensures that only certified operators gain access to and control of equipment, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and any potential legal issues consequent on such accidents.


Simplicity Meets Efficiency
Simplicity Meets Efficiency

One of the complexities of licence management until now has been the chaotic and time-intensive nature of spreadsheets and manual records for tracking certifications. 

With GemOne’s intuitive, user-friendly Licence Management technology, you can effortlessly monitor and validate the training and certification status of your operators. 

The burden of cumbersome administration is lifted, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—safety and productivity.

Never Miss a Deadline

Imagine a world where you never lose track of licence requirements or certification deadlines.

With fleet management tools that offer licence management, automated alerts are dispatched as certifications approach expiration, enabling proactive measures to ensure that every operator maintains up-to-date certifications. You can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that compliance is in your control.

Elevated Safety and Compliance
Elevated Safety and Compliance

GemOne’s Sapphire uses Licence Management alongside an arsenal of other safety features.

It empowers you to monitor machinery usage and assess how your operators are complying with safety protocols. Features like impact alerts and collision lockout allow you to swiftly respond to accidents, reducing downtime and averting further damage.

These elements bolster safety and operational efficiency, substantially lowering the odds of accidents and the associated equipment downtime.


Embrace the Future

Say goodbye to manual record-keeping and compliance headaches – simplify Licence Management, eliminate unlicensed equipment use, and elevate safety and compliance to new heights.

Sapphire allows you to simplify Licence Management, eliminate unlicensed equipment use, and elevate safety and compliance to new heights.

License Management is more than a feature; it’s your key to a thriving material handling operation.
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