New technologies helping material handlers comply with safety requirements

Are you interested in learning how telematics is helping companies in material handling stay on top of safety regulations while boosting the efficiency of their fleet operations? We recently held a webinar with key members of our GemOne team to break down how our technology can help save your business time and money. In the full webinar you can:

  • Discover the new technologies helping material handlers easily comply with national safety requirements.
  • Learn about the latest cloud-based solution that will make your warehouse safer and more efficient.
  • Join fleet managers, safety officers, and company owners from around the world who have learned about enhancing workplace safety by watching the video.

In the webinar, our experienced industry professionals talk about why telematics is necessary for 2023 and beyond in light of the unique challenges the industry is currently facing. 

We explain the latest safety solutions; including on-screen safety checklists, licence management, access control, overload detection, automatic collision lock-out, and proximity warnings. 


We also explore how the latest developments in technology can boost the operational efficiency of your fleet, including the use of GPS location, comprehensive reporting, driver behaviour analysis, service management, operator messaging, and battery monitoring.


Are you a fleet manager, a safety officer, or a business owner wanting to learn more about how digitisation can transform a company’s operations? If so, take a look at the webinar trailer here for an idea of what you can find in our full-length version.

Learn about GemOne’s telematics solution: Sapphire

In this free webinar you’ll learn why companies are investing more in safety now than ever before. 

You’ll hear from a sales manager with more than 30 years of experience in the business talking about safety in the US material handling industry and how it compares with Europe.

You’ll understand how GemOne helps select customisable solutions for each individual business’ needs with an introduction to GemOne’s Sapphire system. We’ll talk you through the functionalities and features of this premium safety solution and its customisable options, from a 360° proximity warning system to an overview of our battery monitoring solution.

We also highlight the pillars of our platform, including: traceability, safety, operational efficiency and service and maintenance.


Interested in watching the full webinar video? You can watch it right now. Drop your email address on our registration page and we’ll send it to your inbox straight away, completely for free.

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